Things to consider before choosing camping chair

A camping chair is an essential item for your outdoor activity. Before you pick one, you need to know some things about the chair to check which camping chair is best for you.

Consider these factors to choose a high-quality product:

1. Frame material

Fiberglass folding legs are more lightweight than aluminum alloy, easier to carry around, and less expensive than aluminum alloy which offers sturdy construction with low maintenance required. Aluminum alloy folding legs are heavy-duty but sometimes it can be quite difficult to assemble/disassemble them when getting ready to pack them up at the end of your trip. So if you want something that is lighter weight and easy to store, fiberglass will be a better choice for you.

2. Carry bag

A good camping chair should be easy to carry around and store away after use, so it is important that the chair has a lightweight fabric that makes carrying the chair simple and straightforward. Some good material examples are mesh fabric, ripstop nylon, etc. The zipper on the bag should be durable since this is something you will use often, so pick a camping chair with a heavy-duty zippered bag for easy transportability.

3. Padded cushion/pad

The cushion or pad will sit right under your butt while sitting down during your outdoor sessions, so it’s essential to have a well-padded design because if there’s no padding at all, you’re going to feel the plastic frame underneath which can be quite uncomfortable.

4. Seat height

The seat height of a camping chair is an important thing to consider when choosing because too low and your legs will feel like hanging in mid-air and can get tired easily, too high and it becomes difficult to sit down or stand up from the chair. So you should choose a model with an adjustable seat height range between 16″to 23″.

5. Practicality and price

If you’re going for a camping trip in the winter season, you may not want something very portable but rather something that can keep you warm during your outdoor session, so what’s most important here is the material type of the camping chair itself e.g if it has a canopy, fireplace, etc. But if you’re going for a hike and camping, you will probably go for something lightweight and portable with the most important feature being the price tag and overall practicality of the chair itself.

How to choose for heavy people :

If you’re a heavy person and larger than an average size person, you should choose camping chairs that are made of heavy-duty materials like steel frames to support the weight. Different from normal people, heavy people usually find armrests very useful since they can take the pressure off their back when sitting down for a long period of time. So pay attention to these features when choosing for yourself!

What about the height of the camping chairs ?

The most important thing to consider here is how high is your eye level when you sit on this chair because it really gets annoying if your head is constantly facing down all day because the chair’s shoulder height is lower than your eyes and causes a huge discomfort.

So you should choose a model that fits the majority of people in terms of their height and eye levels. And it is best to pick one with an adjustable seat height range between 16″ to 23″.If not, you can simply add a cushion under the chair for a more comfortable sitting position.

For taller folks :

If you’re over 6 ft tall person or even taller, you may want to choose either camping chairs that have extra legroom space or simply one that is very heavy duty with longer legs for taller people.

Also, if you’re planning to have an outdoor picnic session,rather than choosing a camping chair, a dining table with long chairs under it is probably more suitable if you want your family members of your friends to enjoy their meal in comfort.

For folks who are shorter :

If you’re below a 6 ft tall person, you may find the average-sized camping chairs too high for yourself which makes it difficult to sit or get up from the chair easily. So it is best to choose camping chairs which are shorter in height like bar stool style camping chairs etc…

And basically, any kind of camp furniture like folding tables and stools can be used by short people in order to sit in a comfortable and proper position.

What’s the difference between barstool and camp stool?

The main difference between them is that camp stools are much more portable than usual bar stools. They’re easy to carry around with their attachable straps when folded down, and also can be used as a single-seater or multi-seater when unfolded. So it’s ideal to have a small-sized bar stool camping chair for a picnic session instead of carrying 1 big size camping chair around.

Final thoughts:

Even though all things you need in a good camping chair largely depend on personal preference, there are some critical factors such as frame material and Padded cushion/pad that will strongly affect your outdoor activity experience, so I do recommend that you pay more attention to these two features above everything else when making purchasing decisions.

Now you should choose the best camping chair for yourself which fit your need, size and style! Just pick one from below and begin your outdoor journey now!