Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

The holidays are nearly upon us once again. The time where people decorate their homes with lights, wreaths, and other festive touches in order to celebrate the season. One of the most common places to find outdoor Christmas lights is on the house itself, either attached or hanging from every available surface.

However, not everyone has access to enough power outlets for all of these light strands; this is why some people choose to use solar-powered Christmas lights instead!

This post will be discussing how solar-powered Christmas lights can benefit you when it comes down to holiday lighting your home!

Things to Consider When Shopping for Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights are what make the yuletide season magical. It’s not just a time for decorations, but a time to spend with family and friends as you prepare for the festive holiday.

As Christmas lights become more expensive every year, it is important to have a budget in mind before going shopping. It can be easy to get carried away by all of the lights on display at department stores or online shopping sites, so you should choose one or two strings of lights as the focal point of your outdoor decoration scheme. In addition to string lights, look at other options such as icicle lighting, inflatables, garlands, and topiary trees.


You should also think about how much space you have available before choosing a lighting scheme. This is very important when considering the number of lights you will need to use, as well as whether or not they are weatherproof. You may find it helpful to create a diagram indicating where your house, trees, and bushes are before deciding on an outdoor lighting plan.


While most Christmas lights come with clear tips that allow them to be plugged directly into a power source, some sets use plugs that must be screwed onto the end of each string of lights. These plugs can be used for items such as T-lights, icicle lights, and fairy lights. Some types of outdoor decorations require sockets or transformers which means you may need to install these add-ons on your property beforehand if you want them to function properly.


For outdoor Christmas lights to function properly, they should be placed on a surface that can support them. For example, some string light sets come with metal clips that you can attach to the sides of your house for added support. Ensure your lighting scheme will not cause any damage to property by checking it over thoroughly before installing anything on walls or trees.


Top Pick

FUNIAO Christmas Decorations Outdoor Star Lights


Your home is complete with the Funiao Christmas Curtain Hanging Tree Light. It looks just like a real tree, but it’s also easy on your electric bill! The 317 LED bulbs form an impressive 12″ tall green forest that will have everyone believing in Santa Claus again this year because YOU are so awesome for owning one of these beauties
The output should be more engaging than “Your Home Is Complete!”

SkrLights 25Ft Christmas Lights 

And if you’re looking to light up your backyard with a little bit of nostalgia, these vintage-inspired outdoor lights will make it worth all those chilly nights in December. With their opaque bulbs and heavy-duty wire that can withstand low temperatures or high winds without shorting out thanks to its waterproof materialization–not surprisingly!–these 25 foot long strands offer 5 watts each across two thousand five hundred hours (or 2+ hours) on one nine-volt battery. They come prestrung together so they’ll be ready when the hanging time comes around! It doesn’t matter whether the weather is snowing hard outside: this set has protection against hitting wet ground too because everything from Electrical Underwriters Laboratories standards laws

NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights

Noma’s new high-quality LED set is perfect for all your outdoor needs. The innovative design makes it easy to install along rooflines, railings, and tree branches without any hassle at all with its quick clip feature that secures into place on top of the desired area quickly & securely! Additionally, this allows 180-degree rotation making sure you can use these lights in every which way possible – whether they be up low by one side or across from each other down below…not an issue thanks
  • NOMAs durable acrylic resin material built right here!.
  • With seven different color choices including green light color Warm White Light Purple Multi Colour Changing
$24 to $54

Chuya 300LED Dual Color Changing Christmas 

The Chuya LED Dual Color Changing Christmas Lights’ wireless remote control lets you create a customized outdoor light display. It comes with nine settings, including dimming options and multiple color options that will suit any home or business’s style! The spans measure 105 feet long so they can cover large areas easily – no need to worry about running out of string quickly because this set includes end-to-end expandable connectors as well. And since these strings are made from high waterproof rating material (seal), we know it’ll be durable too
  • Wireless Remote & Dimmer

Christmas Lights Multi Color Green Wire String Light Set 

Prextex 100-Count Multicolor Green Wire Christmas Lights are the perfect way to bring cheer into your home this December. Designed for roofs, trees, and decks these lights can shine bright on 18 foot long connecting with up five sets of multicolored strands at once! Each set includes 2-inch connectors so you’re sure not to have any problems finding connections along their route or just wish they could go a little bit faster? You will love that all bulbs continue working even if one burns out by having 3 green colors mixed in pink orange red blue and greys combined together creating happy gingerbread houses everywhere

Prextex 100-Count Clear Green Wire Christmas Lights 

Transform your home with these festive 18-foot string lights that are great for roofing, trees, and decks. The 100 bulbs can be connected up to five sets of three lamps per set making it easy to cover large areas in one go! These white LED light strips feature a durable plastic exterior design plus come equipped with flasher blubs alongside replacement bulbs if needed – they’re also good replacements when you want an instantly stealthy look against bushes or other greenery around the house while illuminating everything within view beautifully at night time too
  • Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Best christmas lights for outdoor:


What does LED Mean?

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. It’s a special type of diode that emits light when voltage is applied in the forward direction of the diode. LEDs have come a long way from being just indicator lights on your stereo to full-blown Christmas lights!


American National Standards Institute. A private, not-for-profit organization that oversees the formation of standards used across all industries in America and worldwide. The ANSI standard helps keep specifications for LED lighting on the level so you know what you are getting from lamp to lamp or manufacturer to manufacturer.

This can be especially helpful if shopping online where accurate and specific information is often to come by. RATING – A method we use here at Great Lakes LED that helps you buy with more confidence and less confusion. Instead of using the common term watt (which refers to power consumption), we like to let you know how many watts an LED bulb is using in comparison with a traditional incandescent bulb.

So instead of saying this lamp uses 9 watts vs one that uses 12 watts, all lamps are listed as “equivalent” to their respective incandescent counterparts. For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulb has a rating of the equivalent to a 40-watt fluorescent or an 18 watt LED.


Color rendering is used to describe how well colors are reproduced when compared with an ideal or natural light source. A high CRI will allow you to see all of the subtle color variations in your work and living spaces while mid-range CRI lamps will still reproduce colors accurately enough for you to enjoy your space.

A mid-range CRI (80-89) is considered the lowest quality and as such, we do not carry those types of lamps here at Great Lakes LED. You’ll always find high-end CRI (90+) on all our products because we care about the details and accurate color rendering is one of them! MEANWHILE…

What does CCT Mean?

CCT = Correlated Color Temperature; measured in degrees Kelvin; indicates how “warm” or “cool” a lamp appears. Warm colors are more red and yellow while cool colors are more blue and green with purple being right in between. Note: This has nothing to do with the actual color of a lamp itself. Only how it appears to human eyes.

Common CCTs for lighting include 3K – 3000° Kelvin, which produces a yellow hue that is very warm and cozy feeling; 5K – 5000° Kelvin, which creates an orange/white light similar to natural daylight; 6K- 6000° Kelvin, a pure white color without any hint of warmness at all. With these four going from lower to higher in terms of “warmth” or “coolness”, you can see how this affects your perception of any given space! In other words, if you’re looking for more warm white vs cool white, this is just another detail you may want to keep in mind when shopping for a new lamp.